Parma Ham DOP Aged 24 Month Furlotti gr100

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100 grams of authentic Parma Ham aged 24 month. Freshly sliced.

Let us introduce to you our supllier Furlotti, a family company based in Medesano, Parma province. In the heart of The Land of Pork, as we call the region in Italy where Parma Ham DOP is produced.

From 1963 Furlotti produces the finest Certified Parma Ham DOP with 100% Italian pork cured and aged in the same way they have been doing for over 50 years. Naturally and with no preservatives.

After 24 months the result is a flavorful, rich and unique Parma Ham. Slightly salty, sweet and umami for the thin layer of fat. Mouthwatering.

Shelf Life: 3 days after sliced

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