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24个月熟成巴马火腿 $44
布拉达芝士 Andria IGP $62 
米兰莎乐美肠100g $40
戈贡佐拉蓝芝士DOP 100g $56
2件自家制薄饼面团 $58
优质熟火腿 100g $40
2件水牛芝士DOP $110   
Only for this week
Parma Ham Aged 24 Month $44
Burrata Andria IGP $62
Salami Milano 100 grams $40
Gorgonzola DOP 100 grams $56
2x Home Made Pizza Dough $58
Cooked Ham High Quality 100 grams $40
2x Buffalo Mozzarella DOP $110

And many more.
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