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The Italian Club
Beer | Pasta Bar | Pizza
The Italian Club相信好的啤酒應配搭好的菜式。
We at The Italian Club believe that great beer deserves great food.
因此我們推出了全新概念餐廳 啤酒|意粉吧|薄餅,由2019年12月6日起在旺角通菜街開始營業。
That’s why we have created our new concept Beer | Pasta Bar | Pizza, opening from Friday December 6th, 2019 in Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok and Chui Wo Lane,Tai Po.
A new, more accessible approach to the best of Italian food together with artisanal beers from the two places we love the most.
啤酒 $38
誰說好啤酒只能配搭雞翼和薯條?我們不同意。在The Italian Club,你不僅可以品嚐最佳的意大利及本地啤酒,還能搭配正宗意大利菜式。是不是聽起來很不錯?
Beer $38
Who said that good beer can only have chicken wings and french fries? We don’t think so. At The Italian Club you can have the best Italian and Hong Kong craft beers together with authentic Italian food. Does that sound amazing?
意粉吧 $38起
Pasta Bar from $38
Try our traditional pasta or make your own one choosing all the different ingredients, the pasta shape you love with the sauce you can die for. It’s all up to you. At a price you have never seen before.
薄餅 $48
Pizza $48
Traditional, Thin Crust or Deep Fried? You can have all of them starting from $48 and always no service charge.
There is more. Find skewers the Italian way from $10 and gourmet burger from $38. We never apply service charge.
The Italian Club
Beer | Pasta Bar | Pizza
2Q-2Z Tung Choi Street - Mong Kok, Kowloon
Chui Wo Lane - Tai Po