Cooked Ham Levoni Jolly gr100

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100 grams of Italian Cooked Ham sliced.

Levoni Salumi

Levoni Jolly ham is pinky, compact, not too fat, covered with a biscuit-coloured rind. It is characterised by a good aroma, and it is the most flavourful among the range of cooked hams by Levoni, even though it keeps its unmistakable sweetness. Upon tasting it is soft and pleasant with a well-defined, satisfying flavour.

The cooked ham is cut into thin slices with the slicer, after cutting the rind and removing it. It might be cut thicker according to the recipes. 

100% Natural No Preservatives


Pork legs boast a thousand-year old history, and in the history of nutrition they have always been clearly present, in fact they are the most valuable and expensive part, and they are also used for the prosciutto, culatello, culatta and speck as well as for cooked ham. And, since nothing from the pork is thrown away, the trimmings of prosciutto are ground into the salami paste.

Keep refrigerated. To consume in max 48 hours after sliced.