Coppa Piacentina DOP Furlotti - 100 Grams

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Authentic Coppa Piacentina pork cold cut produced by Furlotti Salumi.
Furlotti Salumi 生產的正宗 Coppa Piacentina 豬肉火腿冷切

Coppa Piacentina D.O.P. is a traditional cured meat from the province of Piacenza, northern Italy. It is obtained using the cervical muscles of pigs born and raised in Emilia-Romagna region and Lombardy; while all stages of meat processing are limited to the province of Piacenza, where the ancient art of the butchery masters, combined with a unique and inimitable microclimate, make this product a real masterpiece.
Coppa Piacentina D.O.P.是意大利北部的皮亞琴察省的傳統醃製肉。它是通過艾米利亞—羅馬涅大區和倫巴第地區出生和飼養的豬的子宮頸肌肉獲得的;肉類加工的所有階段都限於皮亞琴察省,那裡的屠夫大師的古老藝術與獨特而獨特的微氣候相結合,使該產品成為真正的傑作

Salami Piacentino DOP is derived from raw ingredients taken from pigs that meet the characteristics indicated in the products specifications. The scent is delicate, with a seasoned meat aroma, and a slight spicy fragrance of pepper. The flavour is characterized by an outstanding sweetness, in pleasant contrast with the characteristic aroma that distinguishes the seasoned products.

Approximately 20-22 pieces per serving

Please note: Each serving is base on grams, items may not be calculated in quantity
請注意: 每份都是以克為基礎,產品可能不會以數量計算