Mediterranean Plan

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The perfect Meal program to get and stay in shape without sacrifice. A complete and tasteful menu with the best of mediterranean cuisine, from pasta to cold cuts, burgers and steaks.

Only fresh and certified products, simply prepared to preserve nutritional values and taste.

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Choose 1, 2 or 4 weeks and be ready to feel better.

6 Days Meal, 2 Meals per Day. 3 Delivery on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

1 Week Mediterranean Plan Meal Program HK$ 1,800

You don't like an ingredient or a meal? No worries, we can tailor-made your menu based on your specific needs.

You will be contacted by our Nutrition Heroes right after your purchasing to choose when to start and to check any intolerance or allergy and confirm the weekly menu.

Important Notes:

  • Average Calories per day approximately 1,800
  • Mediterranean Nutrition Plan is intended only for adults with no health problem. If you have any disease or you need a specific nutrition program we suggest you to check our menu with your doctor or nutrition consultant.